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Volvo Sports America members, cars to gather at 2014 Milwaukee Masterpiece

Milwaukee, Wis., (July 25, 2014) – Members of Volvo Sports America and their classic Volvo automobiles will be gathered en masse on the show grounds on Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014, during the Milwaukee Masterpiece’s Club Saturday festivities. Members of the Volvo Sports America (VSA) club from across the U.S. will be showing their classic and out-of-production Volvos, according to Jim Perry, Larsen, Wis., president of the Wisconsin chapter of the club.

“What started off as an idea to have our local Volvo owners attend Club Saturday at the Masterpiece quickly morphed into a decision by the Volvo Sports America President Tony D’Agostino into a full-blown National Meet when he learned of the stature of the Masterpiece,” Perry said. “We’re delighted that we will be able to share our passion for vintage and out-of-production Volvos with the many Masterpiece attendees. They will see some of the best examples we have to offer, coming from both coasts as well the heartland.”

“We’re pleased with VSA’s decision to hold their national meet concurrent with our Club Saturday event at the Masterpiece,” said Leon Flagg, chairman, The Masterpiece Ltd. “We also welcome Fields Auto Group, Waukesha, Wis., which is providing support both to VSA and the Milwaukee Masterpiece for this important occasion, our 10th edition.”

Volvo Sports America is headquartered in New Jersey with international membership. The club is dedicated the preservation and restoration of all out-of-production Volvos, with an emphasis on the 1800 series produced from 1961-1973. Visit for more details.

The Masterpiece Ltd. is organized and operated exclusively to support other public charities including but not limited to those operating in southeastern Wisconsin which provide medical and social service care and relief to underprivileged children and families through various motor vehicle-related fundraising events.