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Manogue commissioned to create original art for 2016

Jacob Manogue was commissioned by The Masterpiece Ltd. to create an original piece of art for the 2016 Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance commemorative poster.

Jacob Manoque
Jacob Manogue

Manogue is a recent alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2D Studio Art. During his time at UWO, his work focused on car culture, hot rodding and the American muscle car. Manogue’s work has only evolved as his experience, technique, and style has developed. While at UWO, he had the honor of being involved in both group and solo exhibitions with his current exhibition, titled “Auto Ranch,” still being displayed at UWO’s Polk Library.

Currently, Manogue works at West Bend Mutual Insurance Company while continuing his art career. While he’s always creating his own original works, he enjoys creating commissions for clients. Hearing clients talk about their vision for the painting and transferring their vision onto canvas are some of his favorite moments throughout the commission process.

The 2016 commemorative poster features two remarkable cars, each with a V-12 engine: 1935 Packard convertible sedan with Dietrich coachwork and a 1972 Ferrari Daytona. Both cars will be on the show field Aug. 28, 2016, competing for awards in the concours d’elegance judging.

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