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Milwaukee Concours Vehicle Application Now Available

Online application and registration for the 2017 Milwaukee Concours weekend is now open.

Milwaukee Concours d'Elegance | August 5-6, 2017 | Milwaukee Car Show

The Milwaukee Concours online application process has been updated for submission of cars for this year’s event, which is the weekend of August 5 & 6, and will continue to be the first weekend in August going forward.

The overall weekend includes a Show & Glow by the Lake car club show on Saturday as well as a motoring tour for Sunday exhibitors followed by the Style & Speed Social Saturday night.

This year’s Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance theme is “Speed – Then and Now”. With this, we are starting with the best of the early race bred supercars such as Duesenberg, Mercer, Stutz, Bentley and others from 1912 to around 1932. This will be contrasted by today’s version of supercars such as a Porsche 918, Pagani and Mclaren.

Milwaukee Concours d'Elegance | August 5-6, 2017 | Milwaukee Car Show

Some of our other features include Alternative Power which will have electric and steam cars that were developed a hundred years ago as well as a significant class of Rolls-Royce cars. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Edsel, we are assembling a special class. Specific to Muscle cars, we will focus on orphan cars from Pontiac, Mercury, AMC, Plymouth and Oldsmobile. Also included will be a celebration of Ford Broncos to commemorate Ford Motor Company’s announcement this year of the return of the Bronco.

Great classes are also being created for those Brass Era, Antiques and Classic beauties as well as pre 1975 Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar classes among others.

Go online now and submit your car application for one of our feature or other classes by March 31, 2017 for early consideration.

Concours d’Elegance Vehicle Application

You may want to participate in the Show & Glow by the Lake Saturday event. Register your vehicle by clicking the button below.
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