Chairman’s message

1939 Packard Super 8 Darrin Convertible Victoria

One intent of The Masterpiece is to celebrate the automobile as an art form. Not just the flowing lines we like to refer to as ‘rolling sculpture,’ but the human passion that is the catalyst of the automobile’s history and its constant development.

Still, as I travel the country, speaking with collectors about attending – more recognize The Masterpiece and favorably respond all the time – there’s a lingering question. Sometimes it’s implied and other times it’s asked outright: Why Milwaukee?

It’s not an unfair question. They’re only looking for context.

Well, there’s more automotive history in Wisconsin than say, Pebble Beach or Amelia Island and we’ve previously commemorated the likes of – Kissel, AMC, Nash, Wisconsin Motor Company, Brooks Stevens and more. But, somehow that doesn’t answer the question.

Each year, The Masterpiece reaches back to rediscover something so big and so filled with human drama, it’s difficult to understand how it could be nearly forgotten.

We continue to build on that heritage with a singular focus to celebrate the beauty and majesty of automobiles, trucks and motorcycles from around the world.

We sincerely hope you’ll be part of the excitement in 2014.

Leon Flagg
Chairman – Milwaukee Masterpiece Ltd.