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2018 focus: Elegance and Premium Luxury

The 2018 Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance on Aug. 5 will stress “Elegance” as we celebrate the history of the world’s most luxurious cars. The theme, “Premium Luxury,” focuses on the most luxurious high-end motorcars through history.

Performance cars will have a place with the feature class of “Cars that Raced the Milwaukee Mile.” We are fortunate to have the oldest continuing running race track in the world here in Milwaukee and this class will cover the complete span of time as well as different types of cars that competed there.

The class, “The Cars of Donald Healey,” will cover the sporting cars that carry the Healey name.

Plan to see a lot of horsepower in the corral that holds our “Mustang” feature class.

“Anything on Two Wheels” will range from historic motorcycles to high-wheel bicycles.