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1919 Harley Davidson J to compete

Sheahan1919HDLeftBob Sheahan of Oakfield, Wis., will be showing a rare motorcycle — a  1919 Harley Davidson model J at the 2014 Milwaukee Masterpiece.

The Harley J electric model was the top of the product line in its day. The two-cylinder engine is rated at 25 h.p. Although more than 9,000 were made, few have survived with all the electric components. A sidecar could also be added as a low-cost alternative to an automobile.

This 500-lb. motorcycle still has all the correct electric components, which is rare. It also has most of the accessories available (Corbin speedometer, air cushion seat, luggage rack, front stand, tire pump, auxiliary hand brake, side car, tire carrier and trunk). Approximately 8,000 hours were put into the restoration.